At a young age Claudia Ingraham discovered the power to heal herself. At college, she studied interior design in NYC then started her design career. Always fascinated by the metaphysical, she wanted to blend it with design. This lead to taking a mentorship in Feng Shui with Lauralyn Baker in Boulder, Colorado in 2000. As an intuitive and with her fascination with the healing properties of crystals she become a certified crystologist a few years later. During the next decade she undertook Usui, Kundalini and Advanced Esoteric Reiki Master trainings. In addition, she has studied geobiology and space clearing with Light-Life tools. In 2009, she completed workshop training in advanced  sound healing techniques of Himalayan singing bowls with  renown  teacher Suren Shrestha. In 2011 she continued her studies with crystal bowl sound master, Leigh Ann Phillips, in Crestone and later The Embodied Voice training with Christa Ray in Boulder. Most recently she has studied the Biofield Tuning Technique with Eileen McKusick.

The sacred instruments themselves and spirit are her constant, inspiring teachers. She has traveled with her singing bowls to sacred sites such as Stonehenge shown in the photo above and other sacred sites. She nows lives in southern Oregon on 6 acres in a magical  madrone forest. You can visit by booking through Airbnb
In essence, Claudia, has the ability to remove, neutralize or divert harsh earth energies and other non-beneficial energies from yourself, your house, office and land using various methods: Light- Life tools,  dowsing, Feng Shui, Reiki, Tibetan singing bowls, crystal bowls, gongs and crystals. As a designer, she transforms living spaces through her esthetic viewpoint to the etheric energy level to create a glorious, sacred, protective, balanced and nurturing environment you will love to be in.  Go to:


Disclaimer: the “therapy” mentioned on this site refers to energy work that removes negative or non-beneficial energies that interfere with wellness. This is not meant as a substitute for conventional health care. One  should  always discuss these alternative therapies with a medical professional  prior to your session. Results vary per individual.