I've tried many chakra aligning and opening methods: qi jong, yoga, gong baths, chakra massage, gemstone therapy, etc. Claudia's Tibetan bowl concerts provide the most immediate and intense chakra clearing and balancing I have ever experienced. One session is, I find, equal to a month of regular yoga practice.

My husband and I first saw Claudia during an extremely stressful point in our lives; we were working intense hours and caring for our terminally ill dog. Claudia's Tibetan bowl sessions were largely responsible for keeping us centered during this maddening time. Not only did I overcome the intense stresses and negativity inherent in that time period through her sessions, but I also found that my creativity would skyrocket after a session with Claudia's Tibetan bowls. The bowls opened my heart and throat chakra blocks, enabling me to write the same volume of poetry (with improved quality!) in a month as I would previously write in half a year to a year.

Whether you need relaxation, rejuvenation, or creativity, I recommend Claudia's sessions. She possesses a unique healing talent, a gentle spirit, and a keen mind. Her recommendations for daily life modifications have been almost as beneficial as her sessions!”

Alexa McCormack, Boulder, is a professor of English, a poet, and a writer.

“I love the wellness the Tibetan bowl sessions provide. As they are being played, they vibrate to frequencies that fill me with joy, purity and clarity.  My source vibrates with them and by the time I know it, I am in harmony with who I am. The bowls open a passageway and quickly attune me to the essence of who I am. They are magical!” 

CJ Jonca, Denver

“After hearing about the Tibetan healing bowls, I tried the relaxation sessions. WOW!  What a difference. I was able to be more creative, be more centered on life, as well as getting a true feeling of well being. I look forward to my weekly session and am recommending them to my friends and business associates!  In fact the bowls helped me so much I purchased two of them for use between sessions. ” 

George Cole, Denver

“As a woman in her “sixth decade” I have experienced many life altering experiences but my sessions with Claudia have been the most amazing.  As a “Type A” personality, driver, controlling person – I never believed I could experience these feelings.  After the Tibetan singing bowls I felt more relaxed than I have been in my life and I literally felt like a new person.  Next was the private session including chakra balancing, healing and Tibetan gong bath therapy.  This I know – not only is Claudia learned- it is my belief she is truly gifted.” 

Sharon Murphy

While I have tried numerous alternative therapies for stress reduction, depression, and physical maladies, among others, Claudia's Tibetan Singing Bowl Therapy sessions have opened up a whole new world for me. I have found that both the group and solo sessions are very beneficial. However, in the solo sessions, of course, Claudia has more time to spend on whatever ails you.

Her use of both the Tibetan Bowls and her Tibetan Gong, along with her various gems and aromatherapy scents, allow one to get even deeper into one's Soul...and the depths of the Universe Itself! Each time I have a session with her compounds on the previous session thereby creating an even richer experience than the last.

I HIGHLY recommend Claudia's Sacred Space Clearing to anyone who needs help in any way, shape, or form, spiritually, mentally, or physically. You will feel the difference almost immediately. I can say, without a doubt, that it will enrich your existence each time you go back for more!”

Sam Bissel