Claudia has studied how to remove non-beneficial energies with the Himalayan chakra singing bowls with  renown teacher Suren Shrestha of Boulder and holds a certificate for the advanced level of sound healing. She conducts personal and group chakra balancing sessions in the Southern Oregon area and in her accoustically perfect sound studio on her property.

Quantum physics has proven that everything has a vibration. And wherever there is a sound, there is a vibration. When we use sound coupled with intention, which is the most important aspect of healing, we can direct sound vibration to raise the body’s vibrational frequency. Negative energy can make us physically ill or emotionally depressed. It also restricts our  ability to reach our full physical, spiritual and mental health. Each bowl emits a soothing vibration that radiates out negative energy. Once this negative energy is radiated out through the vibration of the bowls, you are ready to allow yourself to live in healthy harmony with your surrounding environment. Therapy through sound vibration has been known to reduce stress, improve concentration, reduce blood pressure, stimulate the life force or chi in the body, improve immunity and sleep, harmonize the chakras, heighten intuition and perception, synchronize the brain hemispheres, remove mental and emotional distress and enhance creativity.

Claudia offers both group and private sessions. In session, she uses 7 large hand hammered Tibetan bowls including a rare full moon bowl, 5 small “angel bowls”, Koshi chimes, quartz singing bowls along with 9 gem alchemy crystal bowls,  tingshas and a newly acquired Nepalese temple gong. At the conclusion grounds you with a tuning fork. There are two private sound therapy sessions available. The first consists of Relaxation therapy, a healing prayer and balancing the chakras. The introductory rate for this session is $55 and it lasts about 1 hour. The regular price is $80. The second session includes everything in the first session plus a gong bath therapy session. This involves placing the bowls filled with warm water directly on the body while playing them, bringing the total time of this session to 90 minutes. The first session introductory rate is $80. Regular price is  $120. There are group sessions available by appointment at Claudia’s sound studio where you can organize your own group session for $25 per person with a minimum of 3 people. Contact Claudia for more information at

720 937-2720 or to book your session.

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Disclaimer: the “therapy” mentioned on this site refers to energy work that removes negative or non-beneficial energies that interfere with wellness. This is not meant as a substitute for conventional health care. One  should  always discuss these alternative therapies with a medical professional  prior to your session. Results  may vary per individual.